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Are Rest Days Overrated?

This is an extract from an article published in, where I was asked my view on active recovery vs passive recovery.

"In this 'no pain, no gain' culture, people confuse the idea of having a rest day with being lazy," says Busset. "That's why I refer to rest days as 'adaptation days.' It's about allowing the body to recover, grow and improve from the training." Busset encourages his experienced athletes to explore something called active recovery: "Theoretically, light exercise should accelerate the recovery process by keeping the blood flow higher. I may suggest some easy swimming, cycling or running in Zone 1, or I may recommend totally taking the day off—it depends on the athlete's level and training needs."

For beginners, Busset says that a total day off can have a great psychological benefit. "It's like a reset button for the age grouper who balances a very stressful and active lifestyle,"

The rest of this article here:

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