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The Triathlete Blueprint newsletter #22-Upgrade Your Training: How to Target Gains Where It Matters

Updated: Apr 8

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By Coach Yan Busset

Fine-Tuning Your Triathlon Training: Where to Focus for Maximum Gains

Hello, my beautiful triathletes and triathletes to be! If you're reading this, it's probably because you know deep inside, there is room for improvements and you want to get better at this crazy hobby of yours. Grab a coffee, sit back, and let's dive into the topic of fine-tuning your triathlon training. This will be particularly useful if you've hit a plateau or are unsure what to prioritize in your training.

The Dilemma of Subjectivity in Training

We all have our favorite disciplines in a triathlon. Maybe you're a phenomenal swimmer but fear the running portion. Or perhaps you're a running enthusiast who could use some help in the pool. The trouble is, we often end up focusing on what we enjoy the most, neglecting the areas that need improvement. Don't lie to yourself! To excel, you must step out of your comfort zone and tackle in priority your weaknesses.

The Complexity of Triathlon Specificity

Triathlon is more than just swimming, biking, and running stitched together. Each discipline impacts the next, creating a unique endurance challenge. For instance, you might be an excellent runner, but if you're exhausted after the swim and bike stages, you won't deliver your best run. Therefore, improving your run in a triathlon isn't as simple as running more in training, you must first ensure you reach T2 fresh. Keep this triathlon specificity in mind when fine-tuning your training to boost your results on race day. it’s all interconnected.

The Importance of Being in Tune with Your Goals

Everyone has different objectives in their triathlon journey. Some may want to race as often as possible, while others focus on excelling in one 'A' race per season. Both goals are great, but understand you can’t have it both ways you can’t perform to your best very single weekend. Be honest with yourself and your true goals, and you will be a happy age grouper.

The Value of an Outside Perspective

Having a coach can make a world of difference (Bias, me?). Coaches provide an objective point of view, helping you make informed decisions, especially when you're too close to see flaws in your training or when you've hit a plateau and wonder why.

Identifying Weaknesses

Lastly, you must pinpoint whether your weaknesses are technical, metabolic, or related to consistency. Are you a slow swimmer because of poor technique? Or do you struggle with long durations due to a metabolic imbalance? Sometimes, the issue might be as simple as poor sleep or high stress levels affecting your performance.

3 Actionable Tips for Maximum Gains

  • Self-Assessment: Take some time to evaluate your skills in each discipline base on past training or race. Use this to reconsider the allocation of you training volume for each discipline.

  • Align with Goals: Based on the self assessment write down your triathlon goals and ensure that your training aligns with them. Revisit these goals and adjust your training accordingly.

  • Seek Outside Input: If you can't hire a coach, consider swapping training logs with a friend. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can reveal insights you might have missed.

In a nutshell, fine-tuning your triathlon training is all about self-awareness. Examine yourself and past data to find genuine room for improvement. It's easy to fool ourselves and get stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results. It's a difficult step to move out of your comfort zone and train your weaknesses, but isn't that one of the beauties of our sport? We don't do triathlons because they're easy; we do them because they're challenging and offer the ultimate excuse to hack our lifestyles into better versions of ourselves. Happy training!

Thank you for reading and see you next week!


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