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 An all-inclusive triathlon training solution that mixes the team spirit of group sessions and the guidance by world-class professionals

Kokonaisvaltainen triathlonvalmennuspaketti joka sisältää sekä yhteistreenien tiimihenkeä sekä huippuluokan valmennusta.
  • Training programs from beginners to IRONMAN by pro coach Yan Tapio Busset

  •  Performance assessment/zones setting powered by world class coach David Tilbury-Davis COACHING

  • Weekly  Swim, Bike  & Run coached group sessions( Attend whenever convenient for you; no mandatory participation in all sessions). 

  • Strength & Mobility program

  • Start 1-1 meeting with the coach. Goals setting

  • monthly 1-1 feedback call with the coach 

  • Facebook  private members forums

  • Technique video analysis

  • Swim coaching with high-tech real-time underwater audio feedback

  • Online live broadcast of the bike interval sessions

  • Coaching in English

  • Fees: 139€/m for full season payment all at once or 149€/m for monthly payment of the season or 189€/m for a 4months period membership

​     Group sessions only 99€/m

  • Payment via Voucher possible(Edenred/Smartum/Epassi)
    (+ 4% admin fee)

+35€/ season for the TCF club side membership

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  • TUESDAY > Run, track session  19:30-20:30, in winter season indoor (Liikuntamylly) or 18:30-19:30 (eläintarha or Pirkkola) in spring and autumn coached by Suvi, David or Yan

  • TUESDAY >  Morning swim 7:00-8:00 (Espoo Kilo), even weeks, coached by Yan

  • WEDNESDAY> Online bike interval session 18-19:00 coached by Yan

  • FRIDAY > Morning swim 7:15-8:15 (Pirkkola) coached by Yan on even weeks

  • SATURDAY> Morning Social ride (roadie or gravel)

  • SUNDAY > Morning Swim 8:30-910:30  (Itis)  coached by Yan (focus on Technique/video feedback)

  • PLUS: Strength&Mobility program included in your training plan!

  • Social rides and other outodoor group sessions (gravel, Roadie, TT group rides, trail run, open water swim depending on the season)

Because it works, we have proven results, decades of experience and we love what we do. A huge part of our success comes from our amazing, supportive and inspiring community of athletes. 
We kickass and  we make it fun!

Koska se toimii, meillä on tulokset todisteena siitä, ja me rakastamme sen mitä teemme. Suuri osa menestyksestämme selittyy fantastisella, kannustavalla ja innostavalla urheilijoiden yhteisöllämme. Vedetään kovaa ja pidetään hauskaa!

Training Group 2
1 on 1 coaching


Yan Busset our head coach  will design a training program that matches your fitness level, is targeting your race goals and fits your personal schedule.

Weekly call meeting to get direct feedback and plan for the next one. Unlimited contact. +full access to TCF squad sessions

If you are allergic to average, and want the best possible follow up and guidance by a professional with +30years of experience in the sport, that's the coaching you need.

189€/m 4months minimum (+4% if payment via sport vouchers)

Limited places. (Currently Fully Booked, however you can apply to join the waiting list below, we will notify you as soon as spots become available)

+35€/ season for the TCF club side membership

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Two Levels of Online Coaching Available:


ONLINE COACHING PLUS: Unleash your triathlon potential with our Online Triathlon Coaching Plus package. Get a custom training plan designed just for you. Our expert coaches will create a plan that fits your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. Plus, you'll have a one-on-one feedback call every month to keep you on track. Join our TCF Facebook forums, enjoy special deals from our partners, all for just 99€ a month.


ONLINE COACHING PRO: Your Ultimate Training Experience. Take your triathlon journey to the next level with TriCoach Pro. Enjoy a fully tailored training plan that's all about you and your goals. Get weekly one-on-one coaching calls to fine-tune your progress and stay motivated. You'll have unlimited contact with your coach to keep you inspired. Dive into the TCF Facebook forums to connect with our mind-linked athlete community and get exclusive partner brand offers. All of this for just 169€ a month.

TCF swm coaching


  • Training programs

  • Customization with tests 

  • Weekly group trainings 

  • Start meeting with the coach. Goal setting

  • Unlimited contacts via email/phone/skype 

  • Facebook TCF group membership

  • Swimming Video analysis

  • Swim coaching with high-tech real-time underwater audio feedback

  • Offers on TFC race &training kits, camps and discounts on Triathlon Corner shop

  • 108€/month (for payment all at once)
    119€/month (monthly payment)
    For payment via Voucher (Edenred/Smartum/Epassi) ​
    + 4% admin fee

  • +35€/season for the TCF club membership



  • TUESDAY > Morning swim 7:00-8:00 (Espoo Kilo), every other week (even weeks)

  • FRIDAY > Morning swim 7:15-8:15 (Pirkkola)

  • SUNDAY > Morning Swim 8:30-9:30 (Itis) 

  • + Open water swims, big training days in Spring/Summer, lectures…

  • Starts week 35

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Book Your Free
consulting session

🚀 Unlock your triathlon potential book your free online consulting session with Yan Busset, TCF head coach! 

💥 Tired of hitting plateaus, not seeing progress in your training or simply struggling to navigate the complexities of triathlon? 

🌍 No matter where you live, our virtual consulting sessions provide the guidance and support you need to excel! 

🔥 Discover insider knowledge and strategies that took us 30 years of experience to master, all in a single session! 

🎯 Whether you're a self-coached athlete or seeking guidance, gain the confidence and clarity to propel your triathlon journey forward! 

💪 Benefit from free 1-on-1 online 30min session and personalized advice to:

✅ Receive a tailored guidance

✅ Validate your ideas and training approaches for increased confidence

✅ Gain clarity on areas where you're struggling and overcome your obstacles

💡 Don't waste time guessing or struggling alone! Empower yourself with the expertise of our seasoned triathlon coach and accelerate your progress! 

🚨 Seize this opportunity NOW and secure your personal consulting session

👉  Click on the book now button unlock your triathlon success today! 

Consulting session


Triathlon Beginners' (Publication Instagram).png

Introduction to the Bootcamp
For the last months, I have been working on a Bootcamp that I believe will set the standard on what should be the best Triathlon Beginner Course.

Experience and Knowledge
From decades of coaching experience and guiding athletes through over a thousand races, I've poured all of my knowledge into crafting this course.

Exclusive Content Sharing
I haven’t shared the content of the course yet. I created a Facebook group where I want to share with you the behind-the-scenes look into everything that went into building this course.

Interactive Course Development
I'll also overview everything that's inside and fine-tune the final content in interaction with you.

Quality over Quantity
I believe in quality over quantity. I will be keeping the course intimate with only 10 spots to ensure personalized attention for everyone.

Course Launch Details
The course registration will start the 26th of March, exclusively inside the Facebook group.

Invitation to Join
I invite you to join the FB group now to get to know all the necessary info and how to enroll.
Follow the link: 

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