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Introduction to the Bootcamp
For the last months, I have been working on a Bootcamp that I believe will set the standard on what should be the best Triathlon Beginner Course.

Experience and Knowledge
From decades of coaching experience and guiding athletes through over a thousand races, I've poured all of my knowledge into crafting this course.

Exclusive Content Sharing
I haven’t shared the content of the course yet. I created a Facebook group where I want to share with you the behind-the-scenes look into everything that went into building this course.

Interactive Course Development
I'll also overview everything that's inside and fine-tune the final content in interaction with you.

Quality over Quantity
I believe in quality over quantity. I will be keeping the course intimate with only 10 spots to ensure personalized attention for everyone.

Course Launch Details
The course registration will start the 26th of March, exclusively inside the Facebook group.

Invitation to Join
I invite you to join the FB group now to get to know all the necessary info and how to enroll.
Follow the link: 

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