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From Zero to Tri-Hero: Master Your First Triathlon!

Are you thinking about participating in your first triathlon but feeling a little lost?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Triathlon Beginners Course!

We understand that triathlon can seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and tools, you can conquer your first event. Our course is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident in your training for swimming, biking, and running.

You'll receive expert advice from Yan Busset, a certified Triathlon and swimming coach with over 30 years of experience in the sport and former elite triathlete.

Don't just train alone, enjoy the support of a pro coach and other training buddies!

This course is the perfect introduction to our training groups. Course in English. Fees: 149€




Swim: Improve your open water swimming skills and gain confidence with specific techniques such as sighting, navigation, drafting, and stroke efficiency.

Bike: Social pace group ride to build endurance in a relaxed yet efficient manner. You'll also learn about group ride safety, bike pre-ride checks, and pace-line routines.

Run: Our first session focuses on introducing you to running technique drills that will improve efficiency, economy, and reduce the risk of injuries. The second session is an interval training that will challenge you and improve your running efficiency.

Brick Session: Triathlon is more than just the addition of three sports; it's a sport of its own. Running after biking is challenging, but we'll give you tips to make it second nature. You'll also practice efficient transition methods.

Training for Triathlon 101 Q&A: Join us for a discussion on how to get started with triathlon training, including topics such as volume, periodization, intensity, and achieving a work-life balance.


Minimum Requirements to Participate: Our beginner-friendly group welcomes anyone who can swim a minimum of 200m freestyle and has no contraindications to physical activity. To participate, you'll need a bike and helmet, running shoes, swimming goggles, a wetsuit, swim cap, and a swim safety buoy. If needed, we can rent you a wetsuit and swim safety buoy.



  • Monday 15.5, 17-18:45: Kick-off meeting: Presentation + open water swimming (Kuusijärvi, Vantaa)

  • Tuesday 16.5,17.00-18:00: Run technique (Pirkkola urheilukenttä, Helsinki )

  • Saturday 20.5, 9:00-11:00: Group ride, social pace (Kuusijärvi, Vantaa)


  • Monday 22.5, 17:45-18:45: Open water swimming technique (Kuusijärvi, Vantaa)

  • Tuesday 23.5, 17:00-18:00: Q&A on Training for triathlon 101 (Pirkkola urheilukenttä, Helsinki )

  • Tuesday 23.5, 18:00-19:00: Running intervals (Pirkkola urheilukenttä, Helsinki )

  • Saturday 27.5, 9-11:00: Brick session (bike&run transition training)

We believe that everyone has the potential to complete a triathlon, and we want to help you reach your goals. So why wait? Enroll in our Beginner Course today!

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